Please take off your shoes, sir.

Time to check dignity at the door and enter the bizarre world air travel. By 4:00 EST I will be in Southern California enjoying the freedom to say “Dude” as much as I want…dude.

Although you can expect posting from the west coast, things will get predictably screwy so in the meantime, please consider the following.

Big Worm is here to help you, ask him questions. Let the meaty voice of reason soothe your aching ego.


4 Responses to Please take off your shoes, sir.

  1. Can’t handle the pressure!!

    (Great photo, by the way, Sascha!)

    Countdown to Juancho’s landing has begun. 30 minutes and counting…beach cruisers are standing by.

  2. well, you don’t have to tell a story. I just want a story about you two breaking curfew and bein’ bad.

    Thanks on the pic. That’s a new one from the colorado adventures.