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  1. The only phrase scarier than President McCain is President Palin which is why I am putting a good chunk of my free time into the Obama campaign. President Obama has such a nice ring to it!

  2. As I managed to ruin both brakes last night sorting out new pads I’m sat drinking coffee about to go out on the road bike instead….

    Trust me I’d much rather be on the MTB

    Fat Lad

  3. I got me a bad case of the “Hopes” settling in. I just got back from the Biden rally and there were about 15 Mcainazis trying to disrupt the event by taking off their campaign gear, going in, then putting it all on and screaming. Then they called us all communists who are voting for “Hussein”. I hope all the young black children who saw them remember that for a long time.

    Let’s do this thing on Tuesday.

  4. I really hope it happens, I dread to think what will happen to the UK if Republicans get in again, it’s bad enough that our Labour Party gets more right wing every day without McCain adding to that…….

  5. I borrowed your wonderful photo of Obama for my ajaxrock.blogspot.com entry. The bad case of the “hopes” is catching or runs in the family, you’ll see! 😉 Actually, you, hijo, are the one who’s keeping me propped up! 🙂