Hey Y’all Watch This!

Excerpted from MTBReview.com: Alafia

The intermediate (Blue) sections, Bridges and Rock Garden, are really fun with lots of medium-sized hills, some short and steep, with others more gradual for a speedy downhill. There are several very challenging sections along the blue trail (even for experienced riders) and the sudden drops, climbs, twists and turns are just plain fun to ride.

The Rollercoaster and Moonscape trails (Black) form a 4-mile advanced loop which MUST be ridden one-way. Gatorback and Rabbit Ears are very difficult shorter loops off Bridges and Sand Pine, respectively. These sections all include steep roller coaster dips, technical rocky sections and very difficult climbs and drops. Many of these have a steep, straight line descents followed by a short valley before the trail climbs rapidly up the opposite side. It is a roller coaster sensation that takes your breath away and gives extra “G” forces as your swoop suddenly transitions from a dive into a climb. Not all of these are a straight line down and up. Some drops have relatively sudden turns. Knowing what to expect and controlling your speed accordingly is necessary here.

I will be calling one of your asses before I take off on this thing solo. Sounds fun.

Santos could not have been more different by comparison. A steady rain shower packed the sandy trails down as I rode them, like a constantly unfurling red carpet. Even the stiff and stingy John Brown sections around the the Vortex rode easy even as the rain seeped through the limestone activating that mucous that sends you slamming to the ground.

I was totally in a singletrack barrel.

Now I am holed up in a fascinating theme park, “Old Hotel-arama” where you pay the price of a normal modern hotel, but you actually experience the hotel rooms of the early 1970’s. It is so awesome! I wish the floors weren’t so sticky though, it makes my socks

Beta on Alafia from anyone who has ridden it please.


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  1. i got a little queasy just reading the description. maybe you can satisify that jones for new ink this week. have fun.
    – lu

  2. Hey, I love my Mountain Bike! It makes a great clothesline.

    HWB, I’m glad to see I graduated from fat to hairy, though I’m sure fat AND hairy is pre-loaded and waiting for the next demolition project. Of course, the “All-Weather Tire” is a nice image to work with — a man can dream of getting down to just a regular spare tire and feel like he’s made some progress. Thanks, bro.