The F word

I know it is considered rude to use it in polite company. There are so many other ways to say it, that to come right out and be blunt is just crude. No matter what your intention to let it utter from your lips is to put a target on your back. If I could think of any other way to say this, believe me I would gladly hide behind euphemism or innuendo.

I guess I will just have to take my chances.

I feel fast.


18 Responses to The F word

  1. Not a chance. The locals I ride with are hibernating and the rest don’t count. Besides, I don’t compete in the ring. I take it outside like in Rocky V.

  2. Deal!


    When I say fast I mean fast as compared to other Juanchos of the past. I would rate the current Juancho as competitive with the 2001 Juancho, aka “the Year of the (Jamis) Dragon.”

  3. I’m slow and too busy to get faster, but at lest I’m back on the bike after a month when my lower back acted like Roberto Duran (“No mas.”)

    Saturday I rode upper Cadillac to the the Alford Arm Greenway and kept turning right until I hit water or a neighborhood. The fast doubletrack was just the ticket.

  4. I’m looking for the like button…..anyway, the proper way to say “fast” is eff. As in; Terry hasn’t been riding, meanwhile I have been getting eff as fu**