Rain or Shine

The glory of riding in Tropical Storm Fay was short-lived, with all memory of the experience expunged from my mind by yesterday’s relentless abuse from some weekend warriors, some fair-weather cycling enthusiasts. For bicycle tourists, they sure did kick my ass. That’s why I am glad I have this video of me mocking them the day before, when the trail was REALLY sweet, and under 10 inches of water.

Bushy is holding some video from the storm so expect my coverage of the weekend to drag on much like the storm itself did.


5 Responses to Rain or Shine

  1. I got a lake out of the deal, so I’m building one of those jump-your-bike-into-the-lake ramps out of old rusty sheet metal, come on by, I’m sure it’s deep enough.

  2. Great vid of an empty parking lot in a rainstorm. Is it metaphorical?

    I’m not sure about your past tense. Lot of rain again today. I think it’s backing up on us.