Emergency Response

North Georgia next week + paltry miles last week = No fun.

I had to call for back-up. The 1986 eversteady Fuji Del Rey, salvaged from my brother-in-law in San Diego has come out of cold storage. Some Simple Green and a shot of chain lube and there it stood, alert and ready for action. Some slow, heavy pavement miles are just the thing to snap some depth back into the legs in time for some brutal climbing up at Bull Mountain.

I may pick on road biking, but never on my personal road touring bike, the 1986 Fuji Del Rey. A simple search of its name in this blog will yield a rich and storied past between myself and that steel beauty.

I could talk about so much more, but what is there to say?

I fight on. War is hell.


10 Responses to Emergency Response

  1. Hunh. the 1986 Fuji Del Rey seems to be well respected, but reticent.

    If you really (really) believe it is such a hot machine, bring it on out here and let’s see what she can do. How she lays it down and lets it hang out.

    You got clearance for some knobbies?

  2. fuji makes a mean apple true. Where y’at Rev? There seems to be some discrepancy regarding your location. i might ride the fuji out there to be certain I am ready for action.

  3. Imagine it; you’ll be the first out there on an old road bike frame looking cool. Maybe try some tight capri-jeans; no one’s doing that either…

  4. The mountain biking in Big Sur is…inaccessible. That is mostly Wilderness area, and you know how they get.

    I keep trying to make it happen, but there are only a handful of trails I have been clued in on.

    Road riding down that way is unbelievable.