I have heard that prior to jumping, skydivers often nod off in the plane. Something about the focus, or the nervousness just puts them to sleep. Watching a man step off of this cliff and float over the Pacific Ocean had the same effect on me. Torrey Pines, famous for golf, also hosts a nearby “Glider Port” for hanggliders, paragliders, and model planes. The model gliders were graceful and made cool air-ripping sounds as they banked and whirled above us, but it was watching a person float over the edge in slow motion that put me in a trance. Cyclists make a lot of comparisons to flight- but after watching someone fly- I’m afraid we might have it all wrong.


On location in San Diego, CA.

4 Responses to Flight

  1. Good God – what in the Sam Hill are you doing in San Diego?? What a phenomenal memory, like all of sudden being a part of some secret pocket of the universe… I miss you way too bad, come south… (or rather a whole lot east, and then south 🙂 xo

  2. Well, clever poetic person, I am out here as part of my “Juancho Tour of Contemption ’06”.

    And CC, why yes it does overlook the gay nude beach and it was so nice of you to wave up at me.