San Felasco

CHARGE! I yelled, and rushed out onto the battlefield alone, the only one among my squad to register for the San Felasco 50 off-road eco-tour on January 11. Registrations was closed within 20 minutes and there I was, stranded with no way to retreat. Over the lip of their foxhole the eyes of my peers showed no regret. “Poor dumb bastard.” Those eyes said.

It had to be done. Goals are important. Without San Felasco to fear and hate I am just another guy with a bike and a bunch of excuses. Besides, I can pull myself together one more one more time. I should change the name of this site to the endless comeback.

To quote a friend, “Pennies in a pile make a dollar after a while.” The same is true for miles. If I can accumulate enough of them I can be ready. I am using this past weekend, with a baseline of zero miles, as a starting point.

About 90 days from now, I will suit up and ride, and accept my consequences.


5 Responses to San Felasco

  1. What’s the worst case?? You either finish and get to brag, or you don’t and still get good BRC copy out of it! 🙂

  2. Next year, let us know BEFORE registration starts. Or don’t. No need for me to partake of that sufferfest ever again.