Big Ring’s Most Wanted

It is the principle of the thing. To a stranger your dog is not a member of the family or an old soul reincarnated in a canine body. To a stranger your dog is a piece of property. In the same manner it is unacceptable for me to park my car in your living room, it is unacceptable for your dog to attack my person, or enter my space unwelcome. I love a dog as much as the next person, although I far prefer the superior cat, but I have an issue with three dogs in particular.

I’m not sure if any cyclists still read this blog, but just in case they do, please be advised that two Australian Shepherd mixes and a young Irish Setter are attacking trail users around the race track pond area at Munson. Three times in a week I have encountered them. The Shepherds operate as a flanking team, and the Setter goes in for the kill.

Two humans may be seen with the animals. White couple, in their fifties or sixties, definite NPR types if you know what I mean. I’m sure they adhere to some dog obedience school of thought that encourages one to see things from the dog’s perspective and respect their need to hunt.

Reports have been made. They may be parking and walking in, or they may live along the trail. If you can get an address or license plate I would appreciate the information.

I hate to bring down the heat, but the situation is escalating.


12 Responses to Big Ring’s Most Wanted

  1. Stellar way of sneaking in the “riding Munson three times a week”. Throw in Tom Brown and Red Bug, sounds like you are getting in a full week – awesome!

  2. I was told yesterday by my code enforcement officer that the way to handle dogs-not-on-leashes is to call the police and/or animal control ASAP, from cell phone, and they will dispatch immediately. I assume Leon Co. is similar in operation.

  3. The way to handle dogs-attacking-me is to carry a frame pump and slap them upside the head with it.

    They remember that, and will leave you alone from then on.

    I had several dogs that would rush me when I was living in Puerto Rico, and (from near misses)they came to learn quickly the outside radius of my swing. They were so surprised when I reversed my grip and the pump extended- catching the leader POW!rightinthekisser. No more chasing after that.

    Plus, you have an edge on the irate owner who feels their dog should never be “disciplined.”

  4. Sasquatch no longer runs his curs at Munson, so it can’t be them. The description doesn’t fit, anyway. But if you ever happen to come across them at what’s left of the English property, best scoot up the nearest magnolia.

  5. Dogs are pets until they’re in a pack, then they’re wild; be careful.
    Show them you’re the leader of the pack by pouncing on the attacker and Mike Tyson a chunk of his ear. Sling him at the other two and pee all over the scene screaming like Chewbacca.
    Dogs (and their owners) will understand.

  6. An officer of the local pd came into the shop, Tech’s Pro Shop on Gaines, explaining how that one dog on Centerville Rd won’t be chasing bike riders anymore. Seems the dog got lead poisoning, the rapid acting kind.

    I rode Felasco – am I still a rider? Or maybe I don’t’ read this blog anymore.