Joey Bushyhead took a break from his Jeremiah Johnson routine to go for a bike ride. With a deer and a hog in the freezer he laid down his laser-sighted carbon-fiber compound bow and picked up the Specialized 29’er Single Speed. Gear is gear right?

We got to the trailhead just before dark with plans of spinning a quick lap of Munson to evaluate his general fitness and enjoy a little saddle time. I didn’t need to remind him that the last person who went for an innocent lap of Munson with me had his scrotum “un-gloved” on a sharp handlebar end. We both hoped for a better outcome than that.

In my rush to beat the fading daylight I had left my shoes behind. With J Bushy suited up and ready after a 6 month hiatus, I had no choice. Flip flops and clipless pedals it was to be. For good measure, I left my light in the van, all charged up and ready to go. Surely there was enough light for a 22 minute lap of Munson?

It wasn’t so bad actually, although curling my toes around the tiny SPD pedals made my feet cramp a bit, I managed to build up some speed and handle my business. By the time we turned at the old trailhead and pointed it towards the parking lot it was full-on dark. I let J Bush take the lead and pace us to the trailhead, my bare feet lacing through the wire grass in the grey shadows.


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