Tour de Florida

Tomorrow I leave for a 12 day tour of our great state. If you think that is an invitation to rob me I must warn you that my cat-sitter is a dangerous man, and the cat is pretty out of control too so bring it.

Rain is in the forecast, but I have learned not to think about that much when making plans. I am leaning towards San Felasco tomorrow morning, with Alafia nudging towards an upset. My route will take me south to Lee County and then north through Orange County. Anyplace on the Gulf coast is fair game, as is anyplace within shouting distance of the turnpike. There are plenty of lesser known trails to consider such as Crooms, the Suwanee river trails, and even some trail near Orlando. What do you think? Stick to the sure things or get off the beaten path? Any other must-see’s along the way such as favorite springs, bookstores, folk art, or skunk ape lairs?

I have lived in Florida most of my life, but I’m always prepared to see it as a brand new place.


6 Responses to Tour de Florida

  1. Thought you may be interested to know, or may already know, that Felasco and White Springs are on the State’s chopping block. Gotta love the new gubner. Enjoy them while you can, as their funding may dry out in the coming winds.

  2. Let me just pre-empt Wrecking Ball by responding to BigWorm’s comment: “Bastards!”

    Little River Spring in South Suwannee Co. is worth a visit, but maybe not in February unless you have a wetsuit.

  3. gov. skeletor sucks yes, chopping block for 60plus parks yes,
    but ‘member that these places will just close and not be sold. park fun poaching will be the norm.

    BBQ took my baby away!

  4. hey juancho,
    hope you have a good tour. if you feel like trying something new. i once rode a trail outside of Orlando with Pa ingalls. it was really fun. i don’t remember much else, the name or exact location, but it was fun. swoopy oak hammock style. i’m sure Pa could fill you on the pertinents.
    safe travels