Licking wounds

Don’t have so much to say now do you blog boy? Not so fun to tell the world about your broke down, ignoble feats of derring don’t is it now hot shot? Maybe you would like to tell all of your tough bicycle friends about the little Phillipino girl on Oprah today? No? Prefer to not mention that huh? That’s okay. Tell everyone about your trip to the orthopedic store. Talk about gear! Old age is going to offer lots of opportunity to obsess about equipment. Toilet seat chairs, ergonomic cane grips, varied salinity epsom salts, oxygen tank carts. Yes sir, gear, gear ,gear.

Chin up little camper. Fall is only 100 days away, and Bonanza is on twice for every one of them.

Let’s go back to the Ponderosa, Pa. This isn’t any of our affair.


7 Responses to Licking wounds

  1. Sure. I just need to know the color, length, tensile strength, and preferred material, and with garters or without?

  2. we’re going to movies almost every day for a couple weeks (BabyGirl is at grandparents camp) so come join us for action or join us for romantic comedy, you pick; just raise your right hand.

  3. Hmmm, things you can do outside with one good arm: frisbee golf; salute the flag; wave to cyclist on the trail as they pass by; hitch a ride; wipe the sweat from your brow; pick a flower and smell said flower…the choices are endless. Oh yea, and give me the finger after reading this comment.