Things that hurt

Based on the evidence in this picture in comparison to my injuries I am compelled to believe I performed the exact same landing as this gentleman. On the odd occasion I leave the house, the straps and contraptions I wear invite the obvious question from service personnel and passers by, “Whujja do?”

I let out a sigh, look them in the eye and tell them I was skateboarding. These are some of the things they often say…

You (eyes sweep me up and down, lingering on midriff) were skateboarding?”

“First time?”

“Good for you!”

“How old are you?”

“Was it your kid’s?”

“Were you drunk?”

“Last time?”

You go girl!”


11 Responses to Things that hurt

  1. World could use more people skateboarding poorly and fewer people watching television perfectly well.

    Get back on that horse!

  2. Sure he can borrow Mystery’s board from 1982.

    Funny Ms. Moon, I had a different reaction, but I can laugh about it now. Sure I can. I can laugh. Ha-ha.

  3. nope, I fell down on my skateboard plenty when I was 16. It hurt then; I can’t even imagine the hurt it would be now.
    But I will upgrade my tv soon.

  4. When you get better we should slip’n’slide! And make home-made parachutes! I’m sure the only reason that didn’t work when we were kids is that we didn’t know what we were doing! Who’s up for jumping off the roof?