“My ride leaves too early”!

“My ride leaves too late”!

“My ride is too bumpy”!

“My ride is too smooth”!

“My ride isn’t long enough”!

“My ride is too long”!

“My ride is too HOT”!

“My ride is not hot enough”!

And yet somehow all the grumpy bears managed to more or less complete the ride more or less in each other’s general vicinity, if not immediate company.

S’quatch, grumpiest bear of all said (upon being poked in the eye with a stick) “I can’t see and I DON’T WANT TO SEE”!

The End

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  1. Hitops: … and my ride was just right. Got a call from Sasquatch Friday asking if I was ready to “go long” Sunday. But I’d already gone long and took the call at a Starbucks in Birmingham (AL, not UK, Fat Lad), where I was helping Mrs. H. at an art show and sponging free digs from my older bro. I rode Oak Mt. Sunday, and it was perfect (Of course I dismounted for the rocky climbs). Sorry to miss the 3 bears ride, but the solo thing has its virtues. If you ride alone you never get dropped.

  2. for Sasquatch:

    Marpan supply for all your eye protection needs, dude!
    ANSI rated, all colors, UV-infrared protection, all colors, hip styles, all 5 bucks or less.
    Never cry when you loose or break them like those other brands.

  3. Mr. Stupid, we all know that’s you! Ha ha.Hey, he DOES have a BRCVL, number BR549.