Name that Storm

When I think of all the underwhelming storms that got names over the years, it is a meteorological injustice that the low pressure system drubbing us into the ground right now is being treated like a nobody.

I can’t see my neighbor’s house it is raining so hard.

What’s that you asked? How is the move going? I intend to fill up the dinghy and row my happy ass across town today. Perhaps I will take the electronics?

Remember when I talked about bikes all the time? Jeesh, grow up dude. Bikes, whatever.

Wait, I don’t mean that. The Titus is locked in cold storage, but it can’t be helped. The energy to go for a ride is a precious commodity. I’m already falling down the stairs tired, dropping bowls of spaghetti tired, go to bed at 8:30 P:M tired. Sounds like training to me. I never fell down the stairs after a bike ride, only before.

Back to my point though, what are we going to name this storm?


11 Responses to Name that Storm

  1. Storm? What storm?
    Clearly, you’re projecting the irritation of moving upon the weather. I’m just glad you’ve had over a month to move, otherwise you’d be trying to get it all done today!

  2. Magnum, Please remind me again what you bring to this relationship?

    And I vote for T.S. Nicol since it was such a sassy storm.

  3. I like TS Nicol too but we could also name it Tropical Storm YoMama because it came up quick and furious just like yo mama when she knows you ain’t doin’ right.
    Does this make any sense? I believe when that transformer in front of my house popped it did something weird to my brain.
    Well, that’s my story. I’m sticking to it.

  4. It’s Indian name would be Franklin Boulevard River Maker, otherwise it was like one of those afternoon showers we used to get back in the day. I hope your move didn’t take you down Franklin.