I was never one for high school football, too much marching around and hollering all the time. My buddy Dennis played though, and in the summer he would cry like a wallflower on prom night about the two a day workouts. The idea was to go out and work to the point of exhaustion, take a break, then do it again. You see, people call them two-a-days because you actually exercise twice in one day- just so we are clear on that.

I busted out a two a day today myself. I caught a little singletrack with the Wrecking Ball up on the north side then S’quatch called the 1986 Fuji Del Rey a piece of shit so I had to get up off the couch and call him out. Off we went to the South side. I enjoyed the variety.

I watched the Wrecking Ball change a flat for a while on the trail so I caught a break on that one, and S’quatch and I socialed our way to Natural Bridge and back. He did this thing where he would stand up on his bike and wiggle around. I think he called it sprinting, but I didn’t take much notice. Still, I like to think all this shows commitment on my part. Tell the ladies, spread the word.

Talk about your two a days, that was some battle down at Natural Bridge. The West Florida Cadets and a crew of dedicated citizens jumped up from desk and field to respond to the Union threat. After a debilitating battle for both sides, the Union army succumbed to the grinding tenacity of the locals defending their own homes.

These trails are my home.


8 Responses to Two-a-Days

  1. Stand up and wiggle around?!

    The Juancho Reduction Machine strikes again. I like to think of that as my sprint-dance, but I guess that’s just a few more pearls mixed in with your dirty slop.

  2. A break? I’ve seen WB change a flat. That’s more like a siesta!!

    So ‘Squatch is a roadie, per Juancho anyway, and I know Juancho owns a 1986 piece of shit, so when are doing a road ride? Be careful of all that wigglin’, ‘Squatch. You may break a top tube, or something.

  3. Rules for Juancho’s road rides:

    Never call it a road ride
    No riding in the following vicinities:

    Cap Circle

    It’s easier to say- South of town only, and basically I mean the trail with a little diversion here or there.

    No heart rate monitors
    No talking of doping, analyzing doping, actual doping, or dopish behavior.

    No aerodynamic helmets
    No mentioning Lance
    No aggro hand signals or hooting at people in cars who are just trying to get home from work

    No unsolicited appraisals of a rider’s
    A: “Form”
    B: Components
    C: workout schedule or riding preferences

    No cryptospeak like kilowatts, Gilajoules, or cadence.

    Other than those couple things, I love riding the 1986 Fuji Del Rey with whoever, especially you Bigworm.

  4. Wow, so it’s been you guys I pass on the road? I would’ve given you a little more room before I through the beer can had I only known.

    I guess I thought the cool kids didn’t look like Lance.