Melting like a pot. Melting like your heart for me. Melting like Frosty. Melting like fondue, and that wicked witch. The ride this morning was hot baby, and I know, I should have been here two weeks ago. Hi-tops was strong like a metronome. I was the butter, he was the churn. The whole time I rode in a silently horrified state, unable to find the soggy, waterlogged breath to voice my disapproval. Out on the turf of the Miccosukee Greenway, or the “green desert” as it was called today, the soaked earth of last night was giving up the convection with vigor today. 20 miles of convective vigor, that’s what it was- and I don’t even know what that means. On the final leg I came across a beatiful sight though, Ole’ T.C. Wreckin’ Ball Zipper Neck himself was out logging some secret rehab miles. I believe the man has been confined to quarters for upwards of three months at least. If not for the fear of appearing sentimental I would tell you how great it was to see him back in the saddle, but you will just have to go without that information. By the time I crossed his path, ‘Tops was a few minutes up the trail on me and I was more than ready to make like Fat Lad and “have a chat”. All I lacked was pints and cake.

Later, Juancho

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7 Responses to Melting

  1. Well if you want zero comments all you have to do is mention me…That’ll teach ya!

  2. Oh, hey, this is still up and running…cool!
    It’s cooled down a bit, I’d say-and take me to the sinks sometime.

  3. No relation, but the screen name leads me to believe he could be family from the old country. Had it been “Shart Phooker” you’d know we were at least cousins!

  4. Sorry I didn’t stop to chat, Wrecking Ball, but I was determined to be off the bike and resting comfortably by the time Juancho made the next leg. From one zipperneck (class of 94) to another, it’s great to see you back on the bike.

    Annals of training: last night I had a calf cramp in a dream, and when I awoke, sure enough, same cramp.