Follow the tracks

Thanks for the kind words y’all. We feel better over here.

Look at this picture. I look happy right? Hale and hearty? Ready for the World? That shows you that a picture lies a thousand words. The Wrecking Ball and I had a Tallahassee bloggers summit meeting, attendance (2) today.

I felt awful. Legs of broken glass. Lungs like tiny ketchup packets of air. Just awful. It was a beautiful blue bird day though, and we set the world to rights-proving once again that the bicycle is magic.


4 Responses to Follow the tracks

  1. Please, please, PLEASE let me know when the next Tallahassee Bloggers Summit is meeting again. Hell, I’ll host it. Unless it involves bikes. Then don’t bother to let me know. I’ll just enjoy reading about it.

  2. Sasquatch and I did just enough miles on the SMT yesterday to keep cycling among our listed hobbies. He was hurting from libations the previous day, but still managed to win the sprint (after I pulled him the last 2 miles). Alas, not much fast-twitch in my varicosian legs.