On losing someone close-

I ask the world to break my heart and leave her heart alone.
The world says I can’t do that and it cuts me to the bone.

I’d rather cry a thousand tears then see her cry just one-
but grief’s a selfish gift and so her tears are not my own.

If I could beat it senseless grief would fall into the dirt,
but grief’s the one who does the beating, the one who leaves us hurt.

I’ve said that grief’s a gift, and an honor to the past-
We do not miss the ones not loved, forgetting them so fast-

but those are empty words I throw into the great unknown,
I ask the world to break my heart and leave her heart alone.


9 Responses to On losing someone close-

  1. LIFE

    Tenuous at best. Cherish it.

    Be strong. You and she have a LONG way to go.

    All life is precious. We are part of ALL life….Part.

    Peace to you my would be friend……

  2. I so know your pain, my friend. No one can take another’s burden of grief, but if there is anything you or yours need, just say the word.

  3. I don’t know what’s going on for you, but I can talk a little about losing someone important, as you know, my friend. And I know how it is to be helpless in the face of someone else’s grief. I would only say that I’ll bet a thousand dollars you are more help than you could know.

    Stay strong and pedal on.

    BEAUTIFUL words, by the way.