Nothing to do with 9/11

This is a tough day to be a blogger. Either you ignore the date and press on with the everyday foolishness, or you put on your rant hat and start blathering. You have options: Somber, jingoistic, conspiracy-theory, Nascar patriot, Vegan patriot, finger-pointing, head-shaking, etc. It’s all crap. I will let Leonard Pitts handle the ranting for me today. Cut and paste this if you want to get your indignation on.

As for me, I’m going to go with baby ducks in a teacup.



7 Responses to Nothing to do with 9/11

  1. Certainly safer than W.B.Z.N.’s efforts, attacking Derwood repeatedly on saturday! Good to see you out on 2 wheels.

  2. Did you actually see me? Were you “duck”ing me? I like to think so. You should have seen your boy on the attack, like Kermit with wings!

  3. W.B. – I think you were just compared to a muppet. Of course, I suppose it is a super-muppet, with wings and all, but still… next I’ll be reading that I’m like Big Bird, only without wings.

    And of course Juancho would choose a cool muppet for himself like The Count, or maybe The Swedish Chef.

  4. I’m not sure I like to new direction of this blog. Whatever happened to kittens and ice cream?

    Well, fine. Join the liberal media and their wibbleduckie conspiracy theories. See if I care.

  5. I’ve always considered myself more like a member of the banana bunch. You have to be pretty old to get that one.
    There’s no greater feeling than attacking for no good reason and getting the “real” riders to take the bait. If you win one….like say on democrat hill…the result feels pretty sweet. Sure Darren had just done three fast laps at T.B. but I’m old and zipper necked so a win is a win. F the rules of fair engagement.
    Damn Juanco, you couldn’t go with the obvious “ANIMAL” muppet? Did I grow this hair for nothing?