Survey Results

Would you like to see more of the following at the BRC?

More about BJS

naked pictures of Juancho

I’d read anything on the BRC. The writing is what drew me in and what keeps me.


More invective and useful info, in that order.

Weekly tributes to your mother

Tales of epic bike rides

yard sales

Topless Fridays! Random shirtless pics of the BRC hunks.

Recipes and off the beaten path restaurant reviews but not of places that serve Spirulina Shakes.


Why do you visit the BigRingCircus? Please choose all that apply.

More about BJS

For the writing, natch, but I do care about the topic.

To feel bursts of pride to keep me trudging along through my days.

To be reminded that some people actually use the internet for creative purposes

First blog I ever visited. Consistent and clever content. It’s part of my daily work ritual which means that over the years I have been paid hundreds of dollars to read this dribble

I just miss you and the boys so… Nomad (Molly)

Would you be interested in BRC-branded merchandise?

BJS “how grout thou art” jersey

stickers- for my bike frame

Bumper sticker!

T-shirt must be in a color that suits me — like ivory or khaki.

beer coozies

BRC socks

banana hammock

BRC toilet paper with blog excerpts on each square

bong sticker

BRC Water Bottle

Thanks for all of your input. Our marketing department is working to implement many of these wonderful ideas. Until then you can expect more of the same dribble you have come to expect here at the BRC. In fact, I will be back later today to tell you some fine stories from the weekend.


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