Nice day isn’t it?

As long as we are all sitting here waiting for something to happen, we might as well pass the time pleasantly. How about some small talk?

It’s a real shame about those fires in Tahoe isn’t it? I sure wish we would get some rain. Got any plans for the 4th this year?

Or we could play remember when…

Remember when we took Shins down to campus and he jumped that stairwell and it made all those sparks and he broke his frame and that cleaning lady yelled “OH SHIT NAAAAAOOOO!”

Or the first trip to Santos?

Or the old White House days? It is a Subway now. I bet they don’t know Jim Morrison used to live in that Subway.

Or we could get into some politics and get the comments section blowing up. How about that Ron Paul? He’s a real contender.

We could go find something interesting at the neighbor’s blogs, like

Then there are the twin pillars of poetic production, Fat Cyclist and Fat Lad. Fat Lad Rides Again reads like a Harlequin novel these days since me married his sweetheart and put on his kilt (or took it off more likely).

Haven’t heard much from the CC Rider lately, or Dr. D and family. I hope they are all having a good summer too.

And who is it that logged on from Vietnam? Do they ride or did they come for the golf?

yes…well… Ok then…

I could get back in the saddle and put an end to all of this. Maybe the Wrecking Ball, ole Zipperneck is ready for a ride. He’s on the mend so I wouldn’t have to pack the heater.

Have a Nice Day,


8 Responses to Nice day isn’t it?

  1. Hmmm. I think I’ll check out those other blogs, thanks. 😉 You know, this is pretty much a “guy” blog unless you ride a bike.

    Hey! How about — Did you know that Libbyllama is about to birth a little guy who, still comfy in the womb, already looks like Uncle Juancho? How’s about BRC establishing a fund for a bike for him. 🙂

  2. Normal blogging shall resume soon with tales of hell from Mountain Mayhem’s 10th Anniversary of 24hr of hell and mud

    Fat Lad

  3. Hello, bigring bike guy. Your mother has been commenting on my blog so I have been looking at yours. Very nice stuff. We live in a small world, don’t we?
    Tallyhassle guy is my son, which is how your mama found me.
    Keep writing’.
    Ms. Moon

  4. Dr. D and the Fam are doing nicely. Heading to the Adirondacks for the 4th. There won’t be any biking but we plan on walking up tall hills. Good luck Libbyllama on your pending arrival. I have been checking in on the blogs mentioned. I also have been occasionally checking on Nomad out west. It sounds like she is having a ball. Juancho, keep the golf scores and memories rolling whatever these people say. I enjoy it.

  5. 1996 FSU grad here so I remember the White House. Do remember the House of Chaos over by the music school? The best halloween party I’ve ever been a part of was at the House of Chaos. Ahhhhhh, the memories.

    Zipperneck is riding stealth.

  6. Do I remember the House of Chaos? Well of course I do, during the Marshall Ledbetter era. “And I want 666 Gumby’s pizzas for my friends in blue outside”.

  7. Nomad IS having fun out west! (Thanks for checking in on me!!!)No biking for me though. Too Dang Hot! 105 on average. And I don’t care if it is “dry” heat…105 is HOT any way you spin it.