El Verano del Toro

To hell with it- Juancho loves him some golf!

I declared this summer “El Verano del Toro” last month when for inexplicable reasons my golf game started sharpening up. Until my ridiculous reign of dominance comes to a close we are all just going to have to live with it around here.

Besides, it is cross training. Why don’t you try carrying 40 lbs of deadly accuracy around in 95+ degrees for 4 and a half hours? Hmm? What was that tough guy? Burly girl? I can’t hear you.

Confidence is confidence, plain and simple. The next time I strap on the Dakar I’m going to be so used to victory I will just ride away from y’all. It will most likely be this weekend too, so let’s not get carried away. 21 years of avid cycling doesn’t disappear overnight.

It’s like Hitops and basketball. It’s like S’quatch and fantasy novels. Everyone has a “second gig”.

It’s the off season anyway.

Dr. D- I could use your advice on my short game, I’ll give you a call.


8 Responses to El Verano del Toro

  1. I like riding my bike on golf courses at night with no lights. It’s like a magic carpet ride.

    I stay off your greens and sand traps but I might slip over the fence to cool in your pool.

    But the daytime belongs to you country clubber types to talk about your stock buys and real estate deals. You Juancho, in your neat knit and golf cleats.

  2. Aucillasinks is a straight-up urban guerilla, sans rant. He delivers the subversive action with no caustic manifesto, which is confusing. Like, if I was to say, “You stick it to those country clubbers Aucilla — I hope you pee in their pool before you ninja-slip back over the fence and take an outlaw trail you cut yourself back to your lair,”
    Aucilla would say something back like, “Actually, I think it’s important to respect the rights and property of others, regardless of their station or political views.”

    I’m imagining the police hitting him with the car-top flood light as he climbs out of the country club pool, and then being surprised when he graciously accepts his fine as a natural consequence of his civil disobedience.

    It’s less fun that way, Aucilla. Grown up, moderate subversives don’t inflame the mob. Come on, man. Rise up and lead your people.

  3. So let it BE. Tonight, we rally for URBAN GORILLAISM!

    Down with fences, your wood are our woods you rich property owning land managing republicans! We will drink and defecate as we please! We’ll smoke em if we got em. We shall rant and rage and RIDE.

    Where: Room C, 2nd floor, Leon County Public Library
    When: Thursday, June 28, 6:30 PM

  4. Now I’m scared. What have I done?

    I have a neighborhood association meeting tonight. We’re going to discuss property taxes, pit-bulls, and the riff-raff who steal our laptop computers from our unlocked Volvos.

    If a group gathers at the library and you set out with torches, stay away from Indianhead Acres.

  5. Well, we may need to reschedule anyway. I have a Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency Multimodal Advisory Group Enhancements Subcommittee meeting at 5pm at City Hall that could run late.