Boom! The BRC is One Year Old


The BigRingCircus turned one year old today, more or less, so happy bigringday to everybody. What started as an idiosyncratic vanity project has expanded into a much less idiosyncratic vanity project with lurkers. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Over 10,000 visitors have stopped by, although maybe I account for 9,000 or so, I’ve never understood how that works.

As I sit here my neck is wrenched in pain from a sleep injury, and I am preparing for the big Blue Ridge extravaganza. That really sums up the vibe around here, something to bitch about and something to look forward to. Worried but hopeful, that’s me.

I read through the archives a bit to get a sense of what has gone on this year and let me tell you, my life is exciting and awesome. There are stories about ticks, kudzu, beers, bonfires, trails near and far, cold nights alone in the woods, EmmyLou Harris even makes an appearance.

The circus celebrated a birth (Danny Boy!) and the passing of an icon or two.

Magnus Backstedt left it all on the roads of France, and it is almost time to get ready for that special time of year when the lions lay down with the lambs and I watch road racing. Go Big Mags! Eat the competition!

There has been heat stroke, jock itch, legionaire’s disease, and hangovers, but the
Circus kept rolling from town to town.

Not one but two sightings of exotic, wild cats and the participation of not one but two hominids (S’quatch and the Bionic Bigfoot.) I was courted and rebuffed by an actual cryptozoologist, and he better stay as scarce as the Jaguarundi himself.

The 12 hour, the Felasco 50, the Fool’s Errand. They are all in here too.

So what happens now? I don’t know. I dig the writing man, I just like to wake up and spew into the keyboard. Sometimes it comes out real nice (The Clothes Make the Man, Soul Food) and sometimes it is kitchsy and bloggy (like today) but without the Circus I wouldn’t capture much of anything that happens, so for that I am grateful.

The fixed gear gang is playing bike football behind my house in the park this afternoon. I think I’ll un-crik my neck by putting a lick or two on those wispy punks.

It’s Poker night on 10th and GM’s in town.

Somebody has to rule the world and it might as well be Google.

And thanks for hanging out, you’re all fabulous people.

still crazy after all this year.

6 Responses to Boom! The BRC is One Year Old

  1. I celebrated the anniversary last night with a solo Munson ride. Good to be back on fat tires, but damn, that’s a heavy bike, even without the slime.

    Now that you’re a year old, where are the promotional items? I’m still waiting on my “calling a psychological” bumpersticker.

  2. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. I have to admit, I didn’t think you had the stamina or the creativity to keep it up but you have proven me wrong. Long live the BRC!