The Void

What is the next big thing now that the ride is over?

For me it is back to the road, visiting incubators of hope on the front lines of poverty and discouragement- a job both uplifting and depressing- two of my favorite emotions. Are those emotions? Not time to think about it now, because next week if plans work out I will be ringing in the Big Papa of Hope and Change his own self, President Barack Obama in the frozen streets of Washington D.C. I don’t think I have ever given myself over so fully to a public event, unless you count the Prince Purple Rain tour of 1984 at the Lakeland Civic Center.

I admit it. I am excited. The only thing that could make it better is if some of those helicopter “drivers” the last president kept talking about yesterday would haul his ass off to Guantanamo Bay where he belongs.

You never know, the day is young.


10 Responses to The Void

  1. Martha and the Vandelas are dancin’ in the street in my brain. There will certainly be dancing in the streets, the Mall, the avenues and on tabletops. Par-tay!

  2. You can come over my house …I think there are some uneaten chicken wings and ring dings on my chest.
    Hey could you get a copy of the new Hulk movie bofore you come?
    Uckay ba bye.

  3. San Felasco was BIG. Very big. But this new era is even bigger. Let it take you where it will! 🙂 And let it take ol’ W where it will, too. 😉

    What I love is that our new Mr. President has friends who, whereas they’ve always said, “Yo, Barack!” will now have to say “Yo, Mr. President!” just like Juancho’s friends must address him since San Felasco!! 😉

    Virtual fist bumps all ’round until I can make it back to the States in person! (Any takers for a ticket to the Yucatan to ride back with me and my dog??)

  4. I saw that Jimmy Carter and his wife had their bikes stolen recently. I think I am mostly freaked out to see that it made national news, considering the crap you see on the front lines.


  5. it turns out that obama won’t close guantanamo right away as promised. his peeps say it’ll be closed “within a year.”

    maybe he’d like to take his time, waiting to see if just the right skeleton pops out of some hidden white house closet. maybe then they’ll look a little closer at lil’ w’s imprudent activities.

    hey, don’t forget: those coast guard “drivers” can also take him there to his wire-fenced suite… maybe he and cheney can share a bunk.

    so what have you figured out about that urination conundrum on the dc mall with 3 million of your best friends?

  6. Here’s what I found out about their bikes, Juancho:

    Wicker gave the Carters fancy machines manufactured by Specialized, a bike company that rolls out good stuff. Each was a Globe model, distinguished by a rear-wheel hub containing eight gears. Since the gears were enclosed, the president and first lady wouldn’t have to worry about their chains coming loose as they whizzed along, followed closely by a Secret Service agent on a crummier bike. The retail on these beauties: about $1,000 each.

  7. And I hear that you aren’t going to be able to make it to the Obama inauguration.

    Sheesh. Do I have to do EVERYTHING in this family????