Chicken in a Pot

No inauguration, just a chicken in a pot on a cold and rainy day.

No date with history, just another wallflower in a hand-me-down dress.
Another little rabbit with the fur plucked out- not fit for balls.

That’s OK, even if it is not, because history is coming anyway. I am going to have to watch it happen right here, in the town where I will do my part. D.C. is going to have to do it without me, but that means I can roll up my sleeves a little sooner. I already know what I need to know, that change is fun until you have to do something.

My promise to America-

Finance twelve first day of school haircuts, to go with twelve “go get ’ems” and twelve “have a great years.”

Start a rock and roll drum camp for ornery children.

More public thank you’s and less public fuck you’s for everyone else.

Now to the forest with my new Nite Rider Enduro for the inaugural ride of the Mega Trail Blasters Dissenters Union and Social Club (MTBDUSC)

Anyone else got plans?


8 Responses to Chicken in a Pot

  1. I can help you with that second one. I am not responsible for any bad traits I pass on though.

    Theres always a disclaimer.

    The non dramatic thing is always a harder task. Anyone can do something cool when it’s a big event. It’s way harder to do a solo night ride than it is to do a wheelie in a parade.

  2. You know I’ll carry your spirit with me when I go to D.C. And then I have to figure out what talents I have to contribute to taking back our country. There will be plenty of work for all of us, and we’re in for the long haul. You’re already out there on the front lines every day. Peace.

  3. Dude… you should plan a night ride and actually invite people! Wouldn’t that be a nice way un-fuck all those wronged.

  4. Sorry you couldn’t go; I was looking forward to the 1st hand knowledge.

    I do need a haircut though, and a house painter; what you doing Saturday?