This is a little awkward for both of us-

It is tough to come back after a week of radio silence and have nothing to report other than a series of ever-dropping golf scores. No bike rides. None. I could tell you about the wedge shot that rattled in the cup from 60 yards (it came out)but you don’t come here to read about golf.

Golf is, for the record, a cruel master- just like the bike.

The 4th of July is upon us, and the corn is sure to be head high by then. The summer is slipping by me in a flurry of work trips, piles of laundry, and deadlines. “Excuse me, waiter,this is not what I ordered”.

Send this one back to the kitchen please.


8 Responses to This is a little awkward for both of us-

  1. I don’t know enough about golf to help much with renaming this blog, but I can start things off with “Big Club Circus” or “Golf Cart Circus” or “Putzing About”.

    In actual bike related news, it was just another steamy metric century in the Georgia foothills for me and HiTops yesterday. From Miccosukee to Boston and back, and then a well deserved dip in the Wacissa.

  2. Juancho Longbow, professional provocateur. Juancho, if only for the good of the blog, give up what Muhammad Ali called the “Rich Fat White Man’s Sport” (This was before Tiger Woods, of course).

    If you need another leisurely pursuit, reconsider hoops. Sasquatch and I are envisioning a road bike/basketball duathlon in Miccosukee. We’re hoping you could promote it on the BRC. What say?