Have I told you about the time I met Evel Knievel? There’s not much to tell really. I went through considerable expense and hardship to attend Evel Knievel Day in his hometown of Butte, MT. I had hopes of getting the interview that would make my career as a freelance travel writer. Mr. Knievel didn’t seem to care for me. He had my college boy number immediately and treated me accordingly. It was a brusque exchange.

I did bring back an autographed picture, but I can’t remember now if it was authentic? I maybe forged it on the dashboard of my Nissan Sentra in the parking lot of the Anaconda pit mine while thinking, “Jump this asshole!” That’s a strong possibility.

I am going on a Ride today, which has Snake River Canyon potential. This will be my 4th time doing this route with these dudes and 50% of those were painful beyond anything I had ever known on a bike, and the other two were outright debacles for me or Mystery. One time I was so worked up about this ride I threw my back out unloading my bike from from the van. Instead of calling “a medical” I rode anyway, listing to one side for 30 miles in 2 hours across unpredictable terrain. That was the best time I have had of the 4 outings.

I feel good today though. I can’t wait. I will be happy just turning the pedals.


7 Responses to Progression

  1. I remember seeing Snake River Canyon live on TV, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. I seem to remember not being too disappointed; it seemed impossible to begin with.

  2. despite ur not so good experience I periodically and always take great delight in Jim Rome’s sound drop of Evel saying “Do you know who the hell I am?”