This Blog is still about Mt. Bikes

You may have noticed a subtle departure in topic material over the last two weeks. It is difficult to maintain enthusiasm for writing about riding when there is no riding. That situation has been corrected.

Last night Hambone and I made the “Hissing Possum” ride with Bigworm and the Human Wrecking Ball. This entourage of punishment delivered all we needed for a “Technical Tuesday” ride. It was a bit of a crusher at times, but the impeccable group manners made it all OK. It was constantly, “Are you comfortable Juancho? Might I adjust the pace to your liking a bit?” “Are you hungry Juancho? My wife made these fabulous sandwiches for you.” “Can I ride along beside you and compliment you on your excellent form Juancho?”

All of the idol worship got a little embarassing, I mean, I’m just a regular guy underneath all the glitz and glamour you see here. This stuff? It’s just show business. So we crunched out 18-20 maddening miles and got home after dark to a steaming pot roast on the stove. I love it when I get it all right.

The day before (Monday?) I asserted my inner grasshopper and checked out completely. Cupcake/Mystery the Untameable Stallion/ Powder and I drove west in Gadsden/ Liberty County and checked the Lines Tract trail off the list for the year. Winding along the shores of Lake Talquin it is a tranquil, bucolic scene. The riding is rough and rugged. No groomed lines. No packed earth. It is work, work, work, and now it is done. It must be ridden, as all trails deserve a little bit of love I believe.

We saw sprinting deer. We heard owls hooting in the shadows. The wildflowers were blooming. It was a full on nature experience, and I always appreciate that. Off-road cycling is about more than humiliating your friends. It is about being humiliated by them, and seeing animals.

After the ride we visited our buddies who live in the 1800’s on Nature Conservancy land. We pulled up at their cabin to see Ample churning butter. We spent a couple hours sitting in a tree-deck laughing and telling stories. I got dizzy on swings with my sweetest little friend I have and we turned over boards and watched bull ants go crazy.

On the way home we stopped to revere a sunset that I could only compare with the high plains magic shows of New Mexico.

It was a very nice Monday.


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  1. I have to say, coming to visit there will be like stop by at the Big Fish circus tent. I’m really looking forward to it. Find me a nice flat, straight dirt trail for when I’m there.