busted up

What is more cliche than a man just turned 40 crashing on a skateboard? I humbly submit that there is nothing more cliche than this predicted eventuality.

Dislocated, but now relocated shoulder with a chip of bone floating around in there. A black eye. A negligible, but well-distributed amount of road rash. 4-6 weeks in a sling.

I don’t know if I learned my lesson or not. For now all sports are out. I have no choice but to retreat into the life of the mind.


13 Responses to busted up

  1. You need a wife, dude. Either she’d have stopped this foolishness early or would now be available for caretaking.

  2. what, no typing cause you’re hurting? Better get your blog on; I’d hate to call WBZN over for an intervention!