The Grind

I gave Cupcake the brush-off due to a conference call yesterday and then saw him on the trail as the day was disappearing into dusk. I was riding back to town with Paul Mac whom I ran into quite coincidentally. The shock on Cupcake’s face was visceral and pained. That will teach him to push me over while I’m clipped into a pedal. Still, I wish he would stop all this calling and texting, the whining and crying.

You would think the man has never been dumped before.

It is true. I think this blog format is starting to ride a little tight across my shoulders, but I don’t have a better option. The whole situation is a nice allegory for the local mtb advocacy movement.

Sometimes sucky friends are better than no friends at all.

I don’t mean you all, it is just a metaphor. As long as I’m trotting out the tired metaphors when it comes to the Bigringcircus I have decided to just keep twirling the date which brung me to the dance.

Who’s riding today?


14 Responses to The Grind

  1. not riding today…but i know 2 people that will be heading north or east this weekend…wanna go…i can no longer deal with the crowd…jpb

  2. oh sorry…it sounded like their were some reminants of a bike festival at munson this weekend…who the hell is sasquatch? have i ever seen him out riding before?

  3. My suggestion is that Juancho close the BRC to comments for awhile and see what he comes up with all on his own. My money’s on him, but then, it always has been. 🙂

  4. Yes, but eventually one has to check-out the other dance halls…or even something besides dancin’.

    If all one does is dance one would never discover digging or grooving or splashing, rolling, or pounding. Sometimes a person just gets restless enough to see what else is out there.