Secret Spot

S’quatch and I found a new trail this weekend. It is somewhere north of Tallahassee, but south of Baltimore, MD. The trail is characterized by frequent to constant climbing while averting all downhill slopes in favor of gradual upgrade desecents. Like Spook Hill in Lake Wales, FL- you go uphill even when you go downhill. A trainer’s paradise.

There is no need to worry about falling either, as the trail varies from a rich chocolate mud to a damp, fluffy mulch.

The campground provides a lakefront view, large erratic boulders, and a hot shower that feels like a thousand needles. I hear some people like that.

Anyway, there is no point in going on, I simply refuse to discuss the matter with you people.

Tomorrow, perhaps we will discuss my friend Sasquatch and his interesting route selection on the way home.

You wouldn’t think Madison, FL is in between Tallahassee and Atlanta, but actually- it appears to be so.


2 Responses to Secret Spot

  1. Oh, we’re supposed to guess! What fun! Can I buy a vowel?

    Sasquatch always takes the road less traveled. We once took a whole day and most of the night returning to base from Spruce Pine, NC. But hey, he did most of the driving, so I’m not complaining. Now if I could just get rid of the aroma of burning oil whenever I fire up the Sienna.

  2. I take the route that allows the most speed for the longest time. I’d rather lope with the cheetah around the horn than stop and sputter with the distracted but distance-minded crow.

    But you map-watchers wouldn’t understand that. That’s O.k.. I wouldn’t expect you to.

    As for that trail review, I’m considerably more positive, but at one point in the riding Juancho asked, in his best conspiracy-theory voice, “How many calls did you have to make to find a trail with EXACTLY the features (or lack of features, as WB might say) you like the most?” This was asked just before beginning a climb. That’s when the hate sparks flew the farthest.