I don’t know if you get the opportunity to peruse the latest corporate-speak literature, but I do. The general idea is to take some truism of the business world like, “Wherever you go there you are” or “If a frog had wings it wouldn’t bump it’s ass a-hopping” and then you distill that complex message into a little parable or fable or homily perhaps.

I’m thinking of introducing this sort of inspired literature into our cycling community. Got any ideas? I have one. It will be called “Johnny and the Free Ice Cream.” It will tell the story of a boy with a bicycle who is riding along having a perfectly smashing afternoon when he passes a stand that says, FREE ICE CREAM. The clever part comes now. Johnny gets off of his bicycle and enjoys himself a free ice cream. I’m thinking mint chocolate chip.

On an unrelated note, S’quatch and I rode the new Cadillac trail.

I found it pretty tasty.


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  1. Now that it’s been tamed, can we link it up to Munson and TZ? Anybody looking to unload an extra large 29er? I may never get on the road bike again.

  2. Oh, there’s still bumps ‘o plenty out there, and the newest trail has a nice washboard finish I was loving as I trundled along on my mountain cruiser.

    Still, somebody’s been getting their trail-building ON out there, son!! And I’m not talking about Bigworm leaning on a rake. My vast background in construction tells me that there was at least one gasoline engine involved in all that new singletrack, complete with an operator who was getting paid. And it’s done right NOW, as oppposed to the distant, fuzzy, argued over and cancelable future. Any rider who really wants to complain about all that progress is just a hater desperate for a cause.

    By the way, that Oak root system is a lovely sight to behold. I just spread my blanket out on that bridge and had a spot of tea while I took it all in.

  3. “Any rider who really wants to complain about all that progress is just a hater desperate for a cause.”

    Haters needing causes may apply within.

  4. Funny- s’quatch said it was a little “out there”. i didn’t realize I was usually “in there”.

    DTG- You said, “get behind”. huh-huh-huh.

  5. I bet someone rips off Johnny’s bike while he’s eating free ice cream.
    NOTHING is free anymore…except advice and that’s not always as digestible as ice cream.

  6. Indeed!
    The letters in “FREE ICE CREAM” can be rearranged to spell REFACEM ECRIE which is Latin (medieval latin) for TO ESTABLISH ANEW.
    I think it’s only appropriate you picked mint chocolate chip, the old stand-by.

  7. I don’t ride a bike often and when I did this weekend I ran into our fence, so that old saying, “it’s like riding a bicycle…” – not so much.

    HOWEVER. I got FREE ICE CREAM directly from Ben & Jerry once. In the flesh. But thankfully, they were clothed. In D.C. It was the highlight of the trip. Even better than exploring Senator Clinton’s office while she was out.

    But enough about me…this is Juancho’s blog and it’s my bedtime.

  8. last time I rode my bike and got ice cream, I came out of the shop to discover a scary man jumping on it and riding it away. I was 14. I no longer mix ice cream and bike rides.