Drip, drip drizzle, drip.

S’quatch and I started to head west to the Lines Tract trail, or “Linetrack” as I prefer to say it, but the radar was not looking good and it was already raining here in town. In my efforts to not ride I proposed many bizarre scenarios like, “I only want to ride if we can go by a pawn shop, a city park, and a taco stand. I’m not in the mood for anything else.” Or, “Why don’t we take the road bikes out to the Live Oak Connector trail.”

All my negotiations got me was a car ride to Computer Tutors, allowing us to skip the sloppy cross-traffic section of the ride and go straight to the mud. Wreckin’ Ball joined us, much to S’quatch’s chagrin, and we rode the Northside regulars. My bike was such a dirty mess last night I could hear parts falling off in my sleep.

That’s all. I rode my bike. It ought not be big news here on a cycling blog, but alas, it is a fairly major event.


10 Responses to Drip, drip drizzle, drip.

  1. For the first few years I thought it was called the “Lions Tract”. Don’t hear much about that system. Too bad, it could have been so good. But don’t get me started on that again.

    On other fronts, Council Meeting tonight (www.fatoftheland.org). byob. I can’t make it tonight. Juancho, can you cover for me? Or do you have a date with H. Montana?

  2. Ms. Montana is a child sir, and of course I will not be at the meeting. Do I need to re-post the picture again to remind you of why?

    I will have only myself to blame when the Mt. Patrol gets me.

  3. Haha!

    It would be big news if I got out on my bike lately. The ice and near zero temps/windchill this winter have been preventing me and confining me to the gym. But then, ice, snow and temps aren’t an issue for Jill in Alaska and the many friends I have here who commute many miles by bicycle to work. So, then I just feel ashamed for not sucking it up and getting on my bike, regardless.

    Wow, I feel like I just confessed. And, I feel better. But, I am still not going out there until it’s above 30.

  4. It turns out W.B. can hear about a ride, and then turn up wherever, in the rain, happy and ready to go in about 10 minutes. It was a soggy one, but as Juancho likes to say, it counts.

    In fact, as soon as he’s pretty sure he’s ridden far enough to say that, he’s ready to go home.

  5. I’ll top you all. Beautiful weather down here in the Yucatan…for reading a book — but the bike police can’t get to me here, thank god. If they could, I’d walk over to the indoor cycling center and see if that counts. Doubtful somehow so why bother. I don’t know if there are even trails down here that would count. What do you think, Hijo?

  6. Nicol- Jill is not human. I keep telling people this and no one understands what I am saying. What I am saying is
    I don’t know what she is, but she’s not human. And I know this because if she were, I’d have to go shoot myself because I’m taking up space and using air and water that should go to Jill.

  7. Ms. Moon-that made me laugh.

    And, ‘Squach- just thinking about riding in bad conditions “counts,” doesn’t it? 😉