Oh boy, Life is good isn’t it? I’m rolling out of bed at the crack of noon, sorry for the delay.

Let’s just do a little housekeeping shall we?

Trail development continues on the “new” Fern Trail. If you would like to ride and evaluate the new line, send me an e-mail at and I will vet you for worthiness and send you in the right direction.

Trail development at Munson has entered an exciting new phase. After 20? years, Munson is getting some new lines as well. The Motorcross gang has largely abandoned this area and some of their old trails have regenerated and mellowed into decent singletrack. Some of our local heroes have been diligently riding, and marking, the lines. Although the terrain is not extreme, by sheer size, this is Tallahassee’s best case scenario for developing a Santos-like ( trail system. Thanks to Scotty, Bill, Keith, etc. for getting on the stick. With new housing development in the area we have to write the script or get written out of it. Stay tuned to learn how to get involved. Volunteering is painless, just a little eco-terrorism among friends right? Just kidding folks, just a little joke. Are jokes still allowed in this country? We will engage in responsible consensus-building activities of course.

New feature coming to the BRC: “BIG WORM SAYS” will feature advice on cycling (both kinds, off-road and lame) BIG WORM is an excellent mechanic and you can expect actual professional advice in that area. He is also a large man who crushes spindly little guys on a regular basis, and we like that, so you can expect good advice on racing technique and strategy.
Big Worm also appears to be happily married to a charming and fine lady, so he can also advise you in your relationship struggles. Whatever your concern, BIG WORM will have an answer.

So, send us some questions already, before this feature flops like the “Clydesdale Hall of Fame”.

Now that Bike month is over I would like to thank Justin P, Patrick, Patrick’s mom, Dan Cav & the All Saint’s Cafe gang, Scotty, everyone else who hosted or sponsored an event for showing some initiative and making things happen. Every event I was able to attend was a blast.

Good, good fun. There some great pics posted under the Tallycat link at check ’em out and see how good the livin’ is down here.

6:30 P:M tonight behind Church’s Fried Chicken on Lake Bradford Rd.- Dirt-crit and TT.

Whoa, lots of bikey-bikey talk today, as it should be.


5 Responses to Roundup

  1. Dear Big Worm,

    Why do I end every ride, whether mountain or road, long or short, fast or slow, with chain grease on my calf?

    How does this happen? Is it a sign of virility?


  2. When I need some skinny-tired, city-girl opinion on the deep, dark forest and all of it’s infinite creatures, I’ll let you know. hmmph!