Boy howdy we chopped some wood on Saturday. 4.5 hours in the saddle is a pretty good warm-up for the tour de fiasco. We saw those bikechain zombies too, but we steered clear of them. By the way, zombies are all the rage right now, even hotter than vampires, so try to work them into your conversation whenever you can, the hip kids will thank you for it.

I was surprised to find myself on my bike, feeling good, enjoying the day with friends. Once again, I credit this as a return to normalcy and a good omen.

I pick up the keys to my new crib tomorrow, which signals a brand new series of events that have to happen before I actually move. If me, the cat, and the 30% of my things I plan to keep make it in there be Thanksgiving I will be grateful, thankful even.

I’m looking forward to it though. I will run a positive campaign to become mayor of Hippie Killearn. I plan to promote toleration of the intolerants, 5 small meals a day based on grazing, and higher standards of construction for open-toed shoe-dals. I think this is a winning platform.

People keep asking about windows and paint, appliances and all of that. They don’t realize I will be happy just to close the door, lock it, and sit there quietly.


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  1. Congrats on your house! Sounds exciting. Watch out for construction projects around the cats. The only time pixel was ever sick was when I think she managed to eat something with paint dust in it. Scary three days.

  2. I’m starting hippie killearn walking tours (20 dollars, includes cocktail, sandals optional); it’ll be nice to have the mayor’s house added to the list of recently lesbianed gals and soft-science professors.