Pontius Maximus

This is a picture of me as a child standing next to my blue ribbon winning turkey I raised for an FFA project. I named him Pontius Maximus and I used the money I earned from selling him to pay off the mortgage on my grandparents’ old farmhouse that the bank was trying to steal. That is all beside the point. I pulled this picture out of the family album because I needed a good representation of what 35 lbs looks like, because 3 days ahead of schedule I got my Christmas wish and clocked in 35 lbs lighter than I was on October 2nd. Good old Pontius Maximus. I hope he had a nice life with the Turkey Circus that bought him at auction.

Now it is over 60 degrees and the sun is shining. After I hit send on this post I am out the door and headed to the trails. There’s no time to waste today if I’m going to ride, make my tee time, and still get to yoga by 5:30 P:M.

The holiday schedule can get so hectic!


5 Responses to Pontius Maximus

  1. THAT’S where I left my meth. Glad it’s going to a good cause.

    I’d invite you out tonight with me and Op Alpha but Barnacle Bill’s is probably (you know where), on the naughty list.

  2. Nice work. I never thought I would see the day you would make me feel like shit about my every nutritional move, and I couldn’t be happier. About four times a day I think: “Juancho’s not eating that!” and I put it down instead of in my mouth.
    Proud of you Pal.