I didn’t plan to ride yesterday. After 4 days in a row of hard riding I thought a rest day was needed. You know how I feel about rest days though. Rest days can suck it. Tommy has the week off from work, if not from the rest of his life, so I had to take advantage and get in some Felasco prep. Maybe it was the 3 day old stir-fry I ate, or the 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep I got, but my legs felt deep and loose. We rolled onto the Silk trail up on the north side and within minutes I knew this was going to be an epic ride. Because I respect him so much I tried to break Tommy early. It took a few miles to awake the sleeping dragon, but he responded in kind. We dropped into Cambodia in the big rings, oblivious to lines or paths of least resistance. It was all smash and grab, full contact brute force over the roots. We continued the aggression across the street at Red Bug and I can’t remember ever riding that hated trail so fast. There is plenty of time to lose all this fitness before San Felasco of course, so can someone remind me of this post if you see me gnawing on a fried turkey leg between now and January?


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