My ears quit ringing. The ever-present hissing and ringing of the last six months just stopped. There is no explanation. Is it gone for good? Who knows. This does tell me that it can stop. What have I learned from the ringing? The lesson I learn always and in so many ways- humility and acceptance. I learn the lesson that when you have had all that you think you can take, you can take a little more. You don’t have to suffer from ringing ears or anything else forever, you just have to suffer it this moment, and the next moment, and now this moment right here.

That’s how we get by, whatever our afflictions.


6 Responses to Ssshhh…

  1. Hunh. No clue what it was from? My hubby is suffering from the same thing. I think it would be maddening. Glad you’re getting some peace and quiet.
    What you said about “the moment”.
    Mmmmm… so very true.

  2. how do you know you can hear it? Maybe it’s not there. I just wouldn’t listen; try that.