Pebbles in the Pond

I didn’t listen to any of the squawking going on around the internet yesterday. I have decided to trade in politics for something productive- reading Infinite Jest
. My thought is that it will take at least two years and every brain cell left in my head just to have a chance at finishing at all. That’s just the project I need.

My time spent on the yoga mat has been enlightening, just as people have been saying for 5,000 years- imagine that. I am so focused on my left foot’s off-the-mat-ness in relation to my right foot’s on-the-mat-ness that I don’t have time to project days or years down the road, which is my previous state of being. In yoga I have learned breathing is something I can do, not just something that happens. Yes, I am all about my breathing-ness, my focus-ed-ness.

It has only been one month and already gravity is losing her grip on me as I bob upward like a soap bubble in the Juanchosphere*.


*homage to Chronic City, Jonathan Lethem.

8 Responses to Pebbles in the Pond

  1. My goal for the next 3 months is to slowly get to your new peace; maybe in 2, but at most, 3. Right now though I can’t unplug and move to Zion*.

    *homage to Keanu.

  2. DFW is a joke playing MFer in my opinion. The whole footnote thing is just a big joke on you (the reader) on one hand and also there’re jokes in the footnotes that are revealed as you read them.

    Fundamentally it’s a book about obsession, specifically obsession with entertainment and it is so convoluted it forces you into a certain amount of obsession to get through it. There’s a lot packed in there.

    Plus it’s well written. and funny.