Steel-Drivin’ Man

John Henry he could hammer-
John Henry he could sing
He went to the mountain early in the morning
Just to hear his steel hammer ring, yes Lord,
Just to hear his steel hammer ring.

Less and less do I see
A steel driving man like me-
Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, and Titanium
but no steel driving men like me.

Sasquatch recently suggested I borrow a full-suspension ride for the Tour de Fiasco and I was shocked, shocked and a little sickened. It was a reasonable suggestion, and I have expressed the desire for a cushy ride in the future, but that is where the desire lives, in the future. Truthfully, I’ve only had one bike that wasn’t steel, an Aluminum Jamis Eureka, and I traded it in for the Dragon pretty quick. Like John Henry, I will keep pounding with my steel hammer until I die, yes Lord, until I die with that steel in my hands.

So now I’m not just riding for myself, but for my ride. For an era of cycling that is falling by the side of the road in favor of the steam-powered drill, the next best thing.

John Henry’s captain said to him,
“These mountains are caving in”-
John Henry said to his captain “Oh Lord!
That’s just the sound of my steel in the wind.

That’s just the sound of my steel in the wind,


11 Responses to Steel-Drivin’ Man

  1. Whatever, steel is as good as anything else. I recently saw an expensive as hell bike made out of bamboo, and they can’t make them fast enough.

    I will say though, I’m partial to materials that don’t rust. I’m not sure why exactly, but my shit tends to rust…

    I’ll bet that makes Juancho a little sick too. One of my roles in life is to keep Juancho queasy.

  2. The only bike I enjoy seeing treated in your rough manner is that silver thing. Especially I like the image of it bungee corded to the roof of a car.

  3. That’s right. I like to treat my bicycles like bloody, vanquished deer carcasses. That way they respect me.

    When they’re good I give them a little WD-40 and they lap it up like the greedy dogs they are.

  4. this has nothing to do with your blog, although i’m glad to say that i have now visited. yet, the reason is a holiday party for all of 10th ave. and the extended wood pile Dec. 17th @ mi casa.