Happy Birthday Libbyllama

Today is my big sister’s birthday. Some of you may know her as a visitor to the BRC, Libbyllama. Some of you may remember her instead as the plucky biscuit bagger at a central Florida KFC back in the 80’s. I have to say, my parents did me right in the sister department. She’s a pretty good kid, all things considered.

She saved my life once as a baby, when a little friend of hers tried to dump me out of my crib, so thanks for that Libbyllama.

She also let me tag along with her theater friends my freshman year in college. It took me a while to realize why those theater guys were so damn friendly to me. So thanks for that too. Those silly boys!

She never forgets an important date. She calls for cooking advice which makes me feel needed and useful instead of worthless and adrift in the universe.

She likes llamas, even though-or maybe because- they spit. She can sing real purty. All my friends have been crushing on her for like, a long time. Stay away or I will kick each of your asses.

She provides insight into the feminine mind, allowing me the incredibly successful dating life I have come to expect and enjoy, ahem.

She once made me eat frozen, chocolate covered bananas until I puked, which I feel like doing now after typing those vile words.

Please join me in wishing Libbyllama a wonderful thirty-something birthday.

You go girl!



8 Responses to Happy Birthday Libbyllama

  1. Imagine my surprise! Now really, I’m blushing. Thank you for the big sister shout out, little Juancho — “He has little tiny ears.”

    (And it’s definitely *because* they spit.)

  2. Is yo’ momma you remembered to thank for your choice big sister, and that was a good thing!! 🙂 I sort of hoped for a picture of my beeyootiful child instead of that silly llama, though! (I didn’t know they spit? What other secrets of the universe are you keeping from me, you two???)

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes, dr. detroit and sascha! I won’t go into any details about my birthday celebrations–mostly because it DID NOT INVOLVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MOUNTAIN BIKING. And I don’t want to overstay my birthday welcome. Cheers!