The BigRingCircus has been occupied. This blog will be released unharmed when Senora Mirian, of the Dominican Republic receives a loan in the amount of $150.00 in order to grease the wheels of her butcher shop.

Click the link below to help save this blog from certain destruction.


Do whatever they say, these people mean business!


7 Responses to OCUPA!

  1. Wow. Overnight! I guess the internet is a caring place.

    This blog is still under our control. Find another deserving recipient and report back.

    This goes for all of you!

    fascist junta

  2. I will help them and I hope it helps the lady on the far left because, with all due respect, I’m afraid she is going to fall out of her shirt. Flaunt it while you got it, sister!

  3. Juancho, do we donate to this group even if they’ve reached their goal?
    Like mother like daughter, Libbyllama. I thought the same thing. hard to miss, huh?? 😉 I’ll put my money on Marian anyday because I’m sure all the men line up to buy their meat from HER!! 😉