Dig In!

Thanksgiving is a time of grace and generosity, which is why I gave this bum a couple dollars when he stopped by asking if he could “rake my yard”. He didn’t even have a rake!

I visited a prominent church in Birmingham, Alabama last week and I am concerned that my host (Not Jesus, but his emissary) accidently prayed away my sarcasm bone. Either that, or I used it all up on the camping trip with my relentless mockery of those friends I hold most dear.

All this to say that I am in a good mood, and full of good spirit, and I want to feed you from my overabundance. I will celebrate the duping of the native-americans on the Gulf coast of Florida, where the metallic winter waves reflect across an aquamarine sky. I will be with friends and family, and I will be lazy. Oh yes, I will be very lazy my friends.

So let us bow our heads and give thanks for…

Bigworm (where you at baby!)
The Bigworm crew
kittens & ice cream
new friends
old friends
dirty friends
clean friends
pole barn therapy
full suspension (yeah I said it, what of it?)
your local bike shop (Unless they are jackasses)
Beautiful donkeys and the women who ride them
Sascha, Jill, Al (Fat Lad), Old Bag, and my other blog-dork cronies
All the trails everywhere

Got thanks? Let’s hear it-


10 Responses to Dig In!

  1. I’m thankful that it’s the first time I’ve ever seen that picture 😉

    I’m thankful for the really truly fantastic friends who grace me with their company on every ride.

    I’m thankful for superb rides and cheeky trails

    I’m thankful my faithful Kona still hasn’t given up the ghost

    I’m thankful for a very very understanding wife-to-be who I love more than words and puts up with all my shit day in day out

    I’m thankful for a great many things…..

  2. Judging from the finger pointing pose I’d say thats Uncle Sam, without his Patriotic Top hat and American Flag colored clothes..

    Possibly a prototype for a newer, hipper recruiting campaign for the Armed Forces??

    -yes, I am grateful for those those cheeky trails as well! 😉

  3. I’m thankful that bicycles have two wheels and not 7 and a half wheels.

    It’s very hard to get 7.5 wheels really rolling quickly. And just think of all the flat tires, with all these thorns out this time of year. OH. i think I’ll switch to a knobbier setup. It’ll just take me a minute to change these 7.5 tires!! Yeah, yeah the wife and kids, whatever. But check out these new ultralight rims on my bike.
    I know, I could only afford to buy 5 and a half, right now.