The Round Up

Good morning everybody,

Some of you will be trickling out of town today and tomorrow to give the Razorback MTB trail the big kiss, I mean send off. Have a great time and throw something on the fire for me, like a Cobra kai jersey or something.

Others in the local area may be psyching up for the Spaghetti 100 tomorrow. You might even be psyching up for the Spaghetti 68.4 otherwise known as the “Metric Century”. Calling that a century holds about as much water as, My band is huge in Luxembourg”,”of course my breasts are real”, and “I will seriously consider the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission”. All the same, whether you are riding the entire 100 miles through the rolling Plantation lands or just slightly more than half the distance, have fun out there. Me? Why no, I didn’t register for the event as a matter of fact.

Speaking of not registering for an event, I am out of San Felasco. I didn’t make the cut. I believe Jim Ebling begins the process with about 385 riders already picked of the 400, and I have not had the chance to buy the man a beer soooo, Jim- if you’re out there, we should meet. I’m a great guy. Ask any one of my hand-picked references.

This leaves me free and clear to bulk up through the holiday season and really lay into the mashed potatoes.

It is FAMU homecoming this weekend, so take that into consideration as you plan your routes around town. I ain’t hatin’, I’m just saying, you could ride right under some of the Impalas that will be rolling into town and they might not be able to see you from up there on them 20’s. Go Rattlers!

I don’t know about you, but I rode five of the last seven days, and all of them good rides. Big respect to those of you who got, and kept, me moving. Of course we will get some more this weekend I hope.

What else? Anything I’m missing? Report in from the field…


8 Responses to The Round Up

  1. The riding days up here are about done. It was 34 degrees here this morning and frost on the windshield. A tougher man would probably take this as an opportunity and just put on more clothes but I ain’t tough. The bike is hibernating. Time to bust out the cross-country skis!
    Dr. Detroit

  2. Ask Jimbo Smartypants about his 100 mile dirt route through Boston.
    He’s got the real century.

    I rode some of it a few weeks ago with the freaks, can you say 18mph average?
    ouch, dem cross-bikes can fly over clay.


  3. I don’t actually own cross-country skis. I just wanted to leave you with the impression that I will continue to be active over the long winter months when in actuality I will be sitting on my couch gaining weight.
    Dr. D

  4. Gee, the rest of the world recognizes kilometers; not you, Juancho? I guess we could stop at 62 miles (100k), but that would leave us a few hills short of the spaghetti. Or will you be picking us up in the team car, Jancho?