These are not Black Panthers, and never will be.

Just because S’quatch and I saw three Otter loping through the trees at Lake Overstreet does not in any way diminish my report of a Black Panther (or jaguarundi) 3 miles south along “Panther” creek. I will be the first to admit, otter (otters?) are cute, but what Hambone and I saw was sleek, fierce even, and not cute.

I just wanted to clear that up before anybody starts putting two and two together and coming up with six.

Big Worm is laboriously translating a request from some backwater “bloke” in England. His site reads like a parrallel universe to 10th Ave. He’s at and he calls it “Fat Lad Rides Again”. Congratulations Fat Lad, I’m not one to pass out kudos, or “chippies” either, whatever they are. At least “pints” translates well.

Tonight: Fish Slap- I’m excused due to Ebola virus. The rest of you? No excuses.

I will be hosting a gathering a bright minds tonight, and I’m really looking forward to it. If you RSVP’d I appreciate it and the event is on. The Pedal Viking Marauders Club is in session at 8:00 P:M.

Hilarity shall ensue.

-With love,


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  1. I have a mtn bike. It’s pink! With a pink Chris King headset. Fine, you don’t want me? I’m going to Libbyllama’s! We can go find us some cute california boys to ride with!