Buying a bike used to mean you purchased one item and the necessary accessories to enjoy and care for it. Dad took me to the Schwinn shop and I picked out a red Scrambler with yellow mag wheels. Pick out a lock to go with it and the deal was done. One of my favorite bikes ever, the Fuji Palisade, my mom picked out for me. I don’t remember asking to swap out any components or asking for specs on the gruppo. Bicycle used to equal ride. Not anymore. There is no element or detail too small, and the implications are that if you choose poorly, you will be forever regretful and dropped by your friends. That’s a lot of pressure to choose the right valve caps and inner tubes (or should I go tubeless?)

I am settling towards a decision, and if I go with this option, I can even choose the paint color, finish, logo, and size of the decals. If that won’t make me fast enough, then I suppose nothing will.


6 Responses to Fetish

  1. order it in red, then paint it black.
    order it overnight, then wait a week to open the box.

    Make it EARN your ridership!

  2. You’re reminding me of your Papa who talked about trading cars like he was going to do it any day, but all he did was talk about it for about 10 years. 😉 DO IT!! Get that bike – or I’ll pick out this next one, too! 😉

  3. Will you pick it out? As long as it is a carbon-fiber dual suspension 29er or a custom Retrotec steel hardtail 29er I won’t even care what you choose.