S’quatch Watch

Things are not going so well this morning for our friend’s departure. He is learning some hard lessons. Flats, empty CO2 cartridges, no Presta/ Schrader adapter. Time is a wastin’.

He is working his way around Tampa Bay at the moment.

Precious cool morning hours have been squandered. At this moment he is sitting in a truckstop in Ruskin, FL about 7 miles from his departure point eating a big steaming pile of biscuits and gravy. His next destination is University Bike Center on Fletcher Blvd. What a surprise awaits those fine people this morning!

After he loads his pockets with air cartridges and tubes, he will be back on track and headed towards the Suncoast Parkway rails to trails path.

I think our boy could use some EPO right about now, or maybe a ride on the back of a tomato truck.

Chant with me now- GO S’QUATCH GO!


2 Responses to S’quatch Watch

  1. Update: I rendevoused with S’quatch at exit 37 on the Suncoast Parkway around 4:00 P:M. I suited up and rolled down the 40 mile bike path on my knobby-tired Fuji Del Rey road bike. Thanks to a merciful God I intercepted him only 2-3 miles further along the molten, stifling, flat, boring trail that S’quatch had gleefully spent the past 2-3 hours traversing.

    He had experienced sunburn, multiple flats, loss of equipment, misuse of equipment, and was carrying a child’s wal-mart back pack loaded with surprisingly useful items. This final detail disappointed me to no end.
    I may never recover. He pronounced himself cooked, nay-roasted! Dried up like jerky and just as salty. Although he was lagging 2 hours behind the expected pace due to mechanicals, graveyard crying jags, andbonding sessions with many locals he was in good spirits and certified fit for duty when we said goodbye. He was 34 miles from his final destination at the Chassohowitzka Fish Camp and Hotel/ Prime Rib Buffet. Don’t believe me? Google it.

    And the beat goes on. Maybe we could all call the bike shop in Crystal River and leave messages? He is sure to stop there tomorrow.