Hippie Killearn

Bikes? That’s hilarious. This is a grown-up blog where we talk about grown-up things- like hippies and houses.

I looked at a few yurts over in Indianhead Acres, a neighborhood I like to call “Hippie Killearn.” This neighborhood is highly prized by leftists, progressives, socialists, and other popular covers for Al Qaeda cells. This neighborhood is characterized by the street layout, which resembles the profile of an indian, or to be more sensitve- injun, as long as they all wore feathers on their heads.

The streets are called “Nenes” instead of “streets” and I can only deduce that this is a misspelling of “ninnies” which would make a lot more sense.

Killearn is on the other side of town, and for me it has always represented affluency, ascendancy, and mainstream economic values. I am trading in gross generalizations, but let’s admit it: Killearn had a lot of McCain Palin signs in the yards, and Indianhead was split equally between Draft Gore/ Kucinich/ Obama with the debate scheduled to be resolved by a moonlit session of Zen Non-Power Volleyball at- where else? Optimist Park.

I am not going to get my hopes up, because that is not my way, but I am asking the Ouija board if there is a place for me in Hippie Killearn with the rest of the BRC All-Stars: S’quatch, HiTops, and Soup.

Should the unlikely event transpire, there will be nowhere for them to hide.


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