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I pulled this image off the website www.dclxvi.org

This organization describes themselves as a “post apocalyptic mutant bicycle jaunting club” and I think they are swell! Out in Portland, Oregon, where it rains all the time and most everyone is too cool for school, you have to make your own fun. C.H.U.N.K. 666 has certainly accomplished that. Are they clowns? Are they criminals? Shiftless drunks? Yes, most definitely all of the above. Although quite different from the inspiring story of Major Taylor (see post below) I find these idiots to be inspiring as well. I also realize that I am an old fogey who is no longer in the know, but I catch on eventually. Local “bicycle collective” KRANK IT UP is tapped into the same shred of the zeitgeist as CHUNK 666. Revolutionary, socially conscious, substance sampling, frankenbike-builders, they are saving the soul of cycling for me.

We ran into a couple of local “freeriders” who were “hucking” out by the Cadillac trail. The annoying quotes are intended to prompt you to google the unfamiliar should you wish. They were nice guys, on huge bikes, getting big air. They were totally stoked to jump for us, like a couple of eager 12 year-olds jumping off the garage roof with a bedspread cape.

I encouraged them to incorporate tight, stinky, lycra into their image. (Some people have to be told what is cool, jeesh!) They were practicing for a trip up to Sugar Mt., North Carolina, where they apparently intend to kill themselves. Too bad, they were real nice kids.

I think I will drop by Krank it Up and offer my planning services for a “Chunkathlon” and if you don’t know what that is, you can google that too.

Juancho, word to your mother.

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